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Thought I'd provide a link to a good patient-fueled mental health site that I've found useful in the past, some of you may know it already:

(This is Dr. Robert Hsiung of the University of Chicago, not Dr. Bob from The Body.)

It's a site that has many individual forums -- psychiatric, substance abuse, faith, alternative therapies, and so on, about 19 in all -- though the main one is still the psychiatric/medical forum. There is a specific forum for "newbies." There's a minimal level of moderation. It's basically people with mental health issues talking to each other, answering questions, providing support. The quality of the information can vary. But it's a great place to ask what other people's experiences have been with a particular drug; also, you get information that your GP or psychiatrist might not otherwise tell you. Finally, the huge archives are Google searchable. I have no affiliations with the site.


water duck:
Jay thank you for the link.

Hope you are well.



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