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It's generally not a good idea to add or switch to Sustiva with a failing regimen if there is a possibility of resistance to the other meds that are being left behind because it will probably lead to rapid development of resistance to Sustiva and the other NNRTIs.  It's hard to comment more on the treatment without knowing her treatment history and resistance test results.

Dear Julius,welcome

I would like to echo what Gerry and Cliff have has said about more info. Resistance is not absolute.  Sometimes mutations that cause resistance can make some drugs work better...

Practical suggestions:

1. If your daughter has taken Sustiva before, or another drug from the same class (NNRTIs, there are only two others that are in general use - Viramune and Rescriptor), refuse the switch until...

2. ...the doctor orders a resistance test for both genotypic and phenotypic resistance.  The first examines the genetic make-up of the HIV infection to see which drugs should work against it, the second tests the actual virus against different drugs to see how well they suppress replication. A resistance test may take up to 3 weeks to return a result, and is done with a sample of blood.  Then...

3. the resistance test results here.  People will then be able to make more informed comments and suggestions.

4. Get a second opinion.

5. Have hope.  There are several new drugs just licensed or soon to be that are resistance beating.

Best wishes

- matt

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Thank all of you again for responding, I can't believe that I finally found a place that you all know what I'm going through.
I have been so frightened for the last 20 plus years and now I might have found hope..


How are you? You've been dealing with your own infection too for all these years. How has that been? I hope you're well and I hope to be hearing more from you - and about you too, not just your daughter. I understand your concern for her, I'm a mother myself, but you have to take care of YOU too.

I'm glad you found us.


That's the bad thing in a warped way. I am doing excellent,my cd4 s are 1500 and my viral load has been undectible for 6 years. Of course I'm happy but there's also a terrible sense of guilt, at the risk of sounding melodramatic I can't help but wish I could switch places with her. Sometimes I find myself thinking if only I wouldn't have had the blood transfusion we wouldn't be living this hell.Okay that's the part of me that never gets to come out! That let out a flood of tears that I didn't even know were there today.
The realistic side of me thanks God that we are still here and compared to others are very lucky so far.
Thank you for letting me vent.


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