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Could some one please help? My daughter has been infected since birth, she's in early 20's now.I had a tainted blood transfusion that I didn't find out about until after her birth.
She had become treatment resistant to most so he tried the injections.
She has been on fuzeon plus 3 other meds for about 11 months. We just got latest labs and her CD4 is 257 VL is 10,000.He's taking her off fuzeon replacing it with sustiva and keeping the other pills the same. Help Help Help is this the way to go?!!!!!!!!!!!! The million dollar question huh?
Are her counts that awful?We're in a small town and the doc seems awfully wishy washy to  me, although there aren't a whole lot of other choices around here.
Other than the numbers she has had no other complications for about 3 years which at that time were the occasional kidney infec. or "run of the mill" pneumonia.
Any words of wisdom would be so much appreciated to help a Mom here with a severely broken heart. Thank You

It's difficult to say without additional information, (especially knowing what resistance she has).  I'm sure someone may be of assistance to you here, but you may need to have access to her resistance reports.  Her numbers don't seem "awful."  The doctor may just be trying to prevent further resistance or an increase in the viral load, which may explain the change.

Thank you Cliff.
Today's been a very trying day and just hearing a reply helps.

Keep your head up.  I'm glad you have found us.  You should encourage your daughter to stop by sometime.  I'm sure she could find the website and the forums, quite useful.

Take care,


I don't think your doctor would put her on Sustiva unless he felt it would work. But, if you are not too happy with that doctor, maybe you could try to find another one even if you have to drive for a few hours. In any case I am sure she is going to be fine, so hang in there! And feel free to post away here, and count on all of us here to give you and your daughter all the support you need. J.


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