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Not quite sure which forum i should post this here will do.

Appear to be in the middle of a rather large cold sore thingy outbreak. I thought (hoped) it was eczema, just because it isn't confining itself to around my mouth. That was rather an optimistic hope it seems. I now have sores, very sore and tingly, all over the lower part of my face, and there is an ominous tingling burning redness starting next to my right eye. Oh yes, and a largish one near my ear. Just for added randomness. This is all since yesterday - amazing how quickly one's body revolts.
No one is picking up phones or returning messages, cos it's friday, and its hot, and there are new secretaries who don't know me & my ailments..
 The walking pharmacy (ie me + my bathroom medicine cabinet) has the remains of some valtrex in stock...guess what i'm asking is do i leave it till i get to a dr, or start dosing now...500mg twice daily, yes?
Add to that the current need for double-dose immodium (thank you mr doctor, good call to leave the MST off the repeat Rx)...and we are feeling a little fragile.
But, good news, I just got offered the job i interviewed for on monday...and I noticed the first, tiny, miniscule butternut squashes starting to put in an appearance on my early morning allotment visit today.
ANy suggestions, much appreciated..

water duck:
Dear Kate,

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Have you think of making a tea  with honey and cinnamon (portion of 4 - 1) with water ??

Congratulations on your new job !!


thank you siang - i haven't tried that, but i will give it a go. And thank you for the congratulations - I've got a bit of time to think about whether it's the right thing for me, but whatever my decision, I'm looking forward to some change..



If the sores and tingling are all on one side of your face, it sounds like shingles! Get some of that valtrex in you and get to a doc asap. Shingles can be dangerous if it gets into your eye and can cause permanent damage. You might need a good dose of intravenous acyclovir. Don't delay in being seen by someone, even if you have to go to A&E. Don't mess around with shingles near your eye!

Hope you're ok, keep us posted.


Hi Kate,

I thought the same thing Ann did -- shingles it could I wouldn't waste time.  Get to a doc ASAP and take the valtrex.

I wish you well and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's not shingles.

All the best,



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