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Pedro Zamora


Pedro Zamora (Feb 29, 1972- Nov 11, 1994)

I briefly met Pedro when still in High School, although we went to different schools, we ran into each other on different occasions such as county and state academic competitions in the Miami-Dade metro area. 
Pedro never went to college, although he could have attended an Ivy League school based on his grades; instead he dedicated all his time and efforts to fight HIV and AIDS.  He was still in high school when he learned he was positive and he immediately he began his work as an AIDS activist.  It was because of him that I began to work with my local ASO as a volunteer, years before I tested positive myself.
Many may remember him from The Real World San Francisco!
Pedro was a beautiful person and he remains an inspiration to me. 

I remember dear Pedro from TV.  I was diagnosed in Dec '93 and remember watching him on the show.  God Bless Pedro, it seems like so long ago that he passed.

Peter Staley:
Pedro was one of the great heroes in the fight against AIDS.  And I loved it when he stood up to that homophobe in his Real World house.

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Tribute to Pedro Zamora

I loved Pedro, he was such a sweet guy. 


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