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Interview with local newspaper!!

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To My Forum Family,

  I would like to announce a HUGE event for me that will occur next Tuesday at my humble abode!

  Our local newspaper is coming to interview me (with a photographer) to discuss my having lived in these Sierra Foothills for 14 years as a
  HIV+ straight woman. I have decided to use this occasion to disclose my status, as well as my real name, a decision I've been working on
  making for years now.

  I want to thank everyone here on AM for the tremendous support and encouragement through these past several months, and I
  attribute to you the sense of community that has been so lacking in my life for so long.

  I could not have arrived at this place without you, and will forever be grateful. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,
  and can only hope that by telling my story, that a woman who has been living with the same isolation and shame out there will know that
  she is not alone.

  With much love, and admiration,

  Your Zephyr

Thats great zephyr. It takes alot of courage to do that. You and Trish are so brave to be putting yourselves out there like you are.

Bless You

you go girl!   Me so proud of you  :o

Wow!  From a moth to a butterfly...
our Zephyr has arrived

You Go, Girl..........

Wow! Zeph, between you and Trish, you are putting us to shame!

I think it is wonderful. Having known the trials and tribulations of coming out - twice - I know it isn't always easy.

Would it be possible to see the article? Does the paper have an on-line edition?

I would love to read it and see the photo if it is possible.

HUGS and Congrats!


Edited to include Michael (Sonomabeach) in the list of incredible people. You all rock!


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