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sinus problem.


my poz boyfriend has  been having sinus problems and a runny nose  for at least 4 months, he has had x rays done but now the doctor asked him to do a byopsy, since the x rays look fine and there must  be something going on behind the nose that the x rays werent able to get.
im kind of scared that might be something serious. Has any of you experienced soething similar?. Thanks.

That's quite a jump from xray to biopsy in only four months. Did the doctor suggest any type of treatment for your lover's sinus problems before these procedures? Did he mention why he thought a biopsy was necessary?

Is your boyfriend on meds? I ask because it seems many poz folks suffer from sinusitis prior to starting on HIV meds. I know I did and no OTC or prescription seemed to help me. It was constant antibiotics to relieve the sinus infections. It wasn't until after I started my aidsmeds did my sinus problems vanish. Knock on wood, I haven't suffered with sinusitis in years.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but maybe it's something to think about and consult with the doctor. Try not to worry needlessly, it most likely will turn out to be easily treatable.

thanks for your advice, my boyfriend is not on meds, but once the result of the x rays came back and there was  nothing, the doctor said that there must be something behind of what the x rays can hr odrered the byopsy, he will have it at the end of may.

 I've had really bad sinus problems since the end of March( over a month now).  I was freaked out because I am not on meds right now and thought it was something serious, but lucky for me it is just a combination of my allergies and the fact that I have a deviated septum and I broke my nose when I was a kid.
Has he taken an allergy test? 
I guess if the doctor recomended a biopsy I would follow up on it just as a precaution, but I think/hope that he only has the same issues I am is a pain but nothing serious.


hi there,
my poz bf also have sinus problem for years. He is still not under meds. However, his sinus problems diminished ever since I asked to pop in A multi-vitamin everyday. He no longer have to have to deal with runny nose every morning. Try a multi a day , see whether it helps  ;)


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