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Confused and extremely worried

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I have protected sex around 2 week of May. I am not quite sure if the condoms is broken or slipped. Then later on the 4th week of May, had an unprotected blowjob. After that around 1st week of June had ARS symptoms. First rash on forearms. It is like hives. At first not very itchy but later become somewhat itchy. Then had a few low grade fevers. Numbness and weak muscles. A couple days of sore throat.
Maybe not fevers but feel like burning inside. Then dizzy. Then on the 3rd week of June had 1 or 2 day of diarrhea and also follow by what I believed as enlarged salivary glands. It is hurting my right ear, feel like something blocking. After 4 weeks it is allright. I then tested for anti HIV at around 6 weeks after unprotected blowjob or 9 weeks after protected sex. It come back non reactive. But my throat still feels like something is stuck inside. I also had an tonsillitis operations long time ago. Occasionally pain in the right ankles. And yesterday, I noticed there is a irritations on top of my tongues.

Should I be worried ??? How soon things like Kaporsi started ??? I checked my upper gum, and there is like black things, I don't know how long it started.

I know I should have waited until 13 weeks. But how good is 9 weeks or 6 weeks results ??? I don't know what type of testing they are performing at the hospital. But it just printed on the records Tested for Anti HIV Non Reactive. Any other STD that have this kind of symptoms ???


It's no surprise that your hiv test returned negative results - you haven't had a risk of hiv infection.

Protected intercourse is just that - protected against hiv transmission and infection. Getting a blowjob is not a risk for hiv infection at all. You didn't have a risk.



Should I get tested around 14 weeks ??? Since I am living in the 3rd world country. Or just wait until 6 months. I am developing much symptom before the testing and yet it came negatives. Is it maybe the tests didn't pick up the viruses ???

Thank you

Andy Velez:
No, you don't have to wait until 6 months. A negative result at 13 weeks is reliable and the accepted standard by the CDC which is quite conservative about this issue.

I agree with Ann that you didn't really need to test in the first place. Condoms provide very effective protection. But if you're going to continue to worry about this issue, then get tested at 13 weeks, collect another inevitably negative result and mark the whole issue closed, done, finished.

Make sure you keep those latex condoms handy and use one everytime you have intercourse. They provide very effective protection against HIV.



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