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Chemistry is chemistry and another illegal club-drug turns out to have some genuine chemical use:

Miss Philicia:
Oh, I've known about this for a while.  It's discussed in Ketamine: Dreams & Realities (2001, Karl Jansen M.D.) which, naturally, I own and have sitting in front of me. 

Let me know when ADAP starts buying me ketamine though.  My life will be complete.

I always knew my trips to the K-hole would prove therapeutic.

If only I'd read this before last Thursday's monthly psych visit!!  I'm faxing the article to his office tonight.   On Thursday I decided to take a paxil break and zoloft for a few months and eventually return to paxil.  K is one of the few drugs I've never done, or if I did I wasn't aware of it.  I've taken almost every anti-depressant or other drug sometimes effective in treating depression and a handful help, a larger handful make me physically ill or manic or catatonic (rather fond of those) or worse, but the majority might as well be placebos.  I'm an SSRI kinda guy but a new, effective drug would be most welcome.  A long history of alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, and depression supported by having tried almost every treatment (except ECT...) makes me a prime candidate for a clinical trial, even if it's an informal 1 person trial.

I have good friends in veterinary medical clinics so possibilities for acquisition are propitious.  My psych will write a scrip and the vet will fill it.  Does anyone foresee legal problems?



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