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The moderators on this board will probably kick me off, but I figure if I ask this question on the Off Topic forum they can't get too mad. I am one of those people who has tested negative so far but have had tremendous issues with illness/symptoms after a sexual encounter of a very risky nature that have literally brought me down very low. I just want to ask a few questions:

Here is my story first: I am gay and 40 years old but have been very unactive sexually all my life. I had a very stupid sexual encounter early in February of this year and got sick two weeks later. This was very dangerous receptive encounter unprotected. It all started with a hot/feverish feeling in my ears, then my neck and head but did not have a measureable fever. I know these were purely physicial symptoms because I was not crazy/stressed in the two weeks between the stupid encounter and the feverish feeling because I thought the person I was with was completely negative. This feverish head and neck remain to this day all day everyday although they have diminished a lot.

I also got very swollen glands in the neck, arm and groin about a week later which lasted for almost 5 months. They were the most swollen in the neck. About three months after the encounter I had a classic flu-like illness with fever, chills. Had to stay in bed for about a week. Since then I have been very tired and pale looking (close friends regularly say "what is up with you", "you look horrible", and "you look like you've aged 20 years", all of which are very accurate). I feel like I am anemic (pale, tired, listless, etc.) and have had a lot of minor skin issues which are really troubling (slow to heal sores, red spots on trunk, etc.)

Anyway, why I am posting this is I am curious if anyone had an HIV encounter/symptoms remotely like this where they got sick in a few week with a feverish illness and stayed ill-feeling for several months afterwards before testing positive? I have tested negative for all STDS but I am at my wits end to understand what has happened to me. Any ideas related to HIV or not would be welcome. The doctor has no clue and said to take B vitamins... :(

I am posting this here because the moderators on the Am I Infected forum don't like folks like me who have an unexplained illness after a sexual encounter to post there....

Thanks in advance for any responses,


NEVER post this stuff in any other forum that the fears forum.

This has been reported for deletion.

If you fear you are infected and have questions, ask them in the 'am i infected forum'.'

oops, wait, just cuz you didn't get the validation of your fears there doesn't mean you can come to this forum to whine about it more.

You disgust me with your flagrant abuse of these forums when you have been repeatedly told you are conclusive negative after testing at the appropriate time.

Get your ass out of here.

--- Quote ---I am posting this here because the moderators on the Am I Infected forum don't like folks like me who have an unexplained illness after a sexual encounter to post there....

--- End quote ---

well, that's becuase you are hiv negative.  you need a banning.  If you have continuing problems see your doctor but don't bother us with this drivel.

This is an off-topic post in terms of HIV in the eyes of the moderators on this board since I have been told by a few of the moderators that HIV is not an issue in my case. That is why I am asking it on an off-topic forum. Are you saying that I can't post an off-topic post in an off-topic forum? That does not make sense....

you can't and you won't post 'am i infected' questions' in this or any other forum.

Get out or they will ban you.

Yes, but you have already presented your "case" here  Why is it that you think the answers you receive will be any different here?

Just askin


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