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Fatigue and Testosterone

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I went to visit my PCP (primary care physician) today and asked him to test for my testosterone level.  Ever since starting my HAART regimen I feel exhausted and fatigued.

I'm still going to work everyday and do most of things I used to do, but I don't have the energy or motivation that I used to have.

I was reading on on fatigue and they recommend checking testosterone.

My question is....does anyone else currently have low testosterone and what is prescribed to you and does it help you?

I get enough rest and eat impeccably.


What meds are you currently taking?


I'm currently on Sustiva and Truvada.

Also, when I went in for my labs a few weeks ago, the infectious disease doctor ran a plethora of other tests including:

* Cholesterol
* Hepatits A,B, & C

However, no testosterone test was given (why did they omit such a test)

I inadvertantly forgot to mention my fatigue when I was there and have vowed since then to write down any question(s) have and bring it with me. 

I'm betting your testoterone is AOK. Get it checked out, but my money is on the Sustiva. I switched to Kaletra after three years on Sustiva and I feel like a new man. Talk to your doctor and make sure he doc didn't take me serious because of good numbers. I finally put my foot down and we made the change.

Good Luck,

What about antidepressants?  Are you on any of those?  Those can also affect your testosterone.



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