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Can A Leopard Change His Spots?

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I do believe people can change.  I believe we can grow as adults and become better people by sharing and being supported by those who have a genuine and good heart.  I also believe there are those who will not change and who will masquerade as "good people" to get the attention they crave so desperately.  At the risk of being labeled a flame baiter, I'd like to know what others think regarding this subject.  I'd also like suggestions on how to cope/deal with insincere people and their antics?  And I am quite serious............

With the right stylist.... the leopard can go ANY color he chooses and be FABULOUS!!!

Or were you talking about THIS guy.....


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Well, the only ones I can think of David are to ignore (or detach if I am personally involved in any way) from insincere people. I have a low tolerance level for anyone who proves theyíre out to waste my time or play head games, and I have no problem distancing myself from them Ė online, or in my daily life. That includes family members of mine as well, by the way.

My days are numbered. Iím not letting anyone waste them.

Is it too much? I donít think so. My time and energy are important to me. I expect other people to be responsible for there own behaviour too.

Oh, and I usually find myself praying for the about-to-be detached-from as well. Holding onto past hurts is just another waste of time.


If the person is genuineally insincere and all they want is attention I have no use for them. I dont waste my time on people like that.

But if its a good friend going thru a rough time I will always be there for my friend when they need me. Sometimes you need to give your friends some space. If they are really your friend they will be back.


Yes, people can change... we all go through very difficult times, and we all feel hurt and anger.... remember  how hard it was for you in the beginning David?  you have placed yourself in other peoples problems.. that's tough to do.. but i have found that it is of no help to anyone to continue the drama

just my thoughts,



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