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"Research indicates that it is a product of a viral infection run amok, and as such usually takes years, decades of immunisuppression in order to manifest."

Thank you for your response, it clears things up a lot.

It is a cancer that occurs from a variety of the herpes virus (I believe herpes #8).

Everyone thank you for your replies. 

The reason that I brought up this topic without sharing details about my situation is because I know that symptoms cannot diagnose HIV infection, only an HIV test can.

Here is my situation:

November of 2005 I entered into a sexual relationship with a person who I later found out is HIV positive.  We had a high risk encounter I was the receptive partner in unprotected anal sex.

I had strange viral symptoms that I will not go into because I do not want to stir up fears in any others.

Sixteen (16) weeks after the encounter I tested negative for HIV.  I also took the entire STI panel, and tested negative.

About two weeks ago I developed a small bluish/purpleish blemish on my arm.  I am waiting to see a dermatologist soon, but just wanted to know if there was any possibility that this could be KS.

I have recently read that KS has been seen in newly infected people recently.  I am aware that the window period for HIV is 12-13 weeks, and that I tested three weeks past this window period, so I am fairly certain that my fears are just that.... fears.

I want to thank you all again for information.   There is so much misinformation on the internet, and I came here to find out information that I could trust.

Thanks again.

Andy Velez:
Scotty, you have reliably tested negative for HIV. You are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

Whatever the purplish mark is it is not HIV-related.

Discuss it with your doctor.

You also need to learn from your recent experience. You can have all the sex you want including with someone who is HIV+. To protect yourself you need to make sure the insertive partner is always wearing a condom. No exceptions no matter what is going on or how great he looks or what you think you know about his health history. A condom is a must everytime.

Remember, when you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that. You scooted by safely this time but you cannot always count on that being the case. So keep those latex condoms handy and use them!



Thank you.  I think I needed to hear that. 


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