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OK Admit it.....


Who voted for Leonid the Magnificent?

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Welll I thought what he did was pretty way could I do that. I espically liked his act the first time..with the knives.

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I think he could be a descendant of the Romanoff/Czars family. LOL!  ;D
I usually don’t get emotional at stuff like that but I really got teary-eyed for that guy.

The problem here on the West Coast is that their showing “America has Talent” on one channel while at the same time on another channel is “So you think you can dance” or some such name as that. The dancing has been really great. Maybe we’ll see Danny perform on that show one day.

I doubt that Leonid the Magnificent will win but you have to give him credit for trying. I wish him all the best in whatever he does.   ::)


I thought he was great too.

Terry, I was also flipping channels between that and the dancing show on FOX.
Dmitry is SO FINE....I just melt when I watch him.


Is this Leonid person a homosexual?  ???

HA!!!  MAH LAWRD!!!!   I think he's getting ready to shoot glitter out of his ass!!!   :o


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