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Medical Report, Update.

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Its just the idea of taking Ginger, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth... ;D

Stay Well!

Well, what can I say except your news is definitely a turn for the better. LOVE those numbers!  :D

Now, as for Ginger, well, I like ginger beer, candy, pickled ginger, etc., but I'm afraid Tina Louise doesn't ring any chimes for me.

Of course, neither did Bob Denver, so, its probably a good thing I'm not stranded on an island with them.

HOWEVER, I have it on good authority that Eric looks great in Ginger's dress, the one that said "SS Minnow" down the side.

HUGS (and glad you are doing better)


Quarter Horse:

I am glad that things are getting a little better, my thoughts are with you. Hey, I am expecting you to help me build a hell of a lot of condos in the next 15 yrs!! Do you really think I can plan a whole community by myself? I can barely find my way out of a grocery store..Haha.

Love you baby,


You are such a remarkable person, your tenacity is a wonder to BEHOLD!! Praise be to our pos82 for the recommendation on the ginger, I'm so glad it's calming down the tummy upset!!! (Cuz we do not like to hear when our Tim is uncomfortable....ever.)

Now, let's see, in that little 'pouch' you created on that scooter of yours, you'll need a little tin or something for those ginger drops to carry with you in Montreal...if you need one, I've got just the thing for you, here. Just let me know, honey!

In the meantime, don't over-do (moving a dresser?) and take real good care of yourself.

Love you lots!

Zephie :-*

Tim, I wish you best of luck with that AZT. You have so much more to do in this life.


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