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Medical Report, Update.

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Hi Guys,

OK, Monday I went to the doctor, and the AZT is definitely working!  My vl is now down to 2100, (was almost 3000 and climbing in May)  and my CD4s are at a record breaking 692.  Wow......

Now, as I sit here and nurse my stomach, I wonder if I will be able to go on with this particular pill.  I gave the doctor a commitment to three months of the AZT, to see if my body can cope with it any better than it did in 1996.  So far, I am having less days with nausea than I did in June, but the days, like today, that I do have the nausea, it is so debilitating that it just rakes my raw ass, rots my socks, or whatever saying you want to inject there.  Thanks to Jon/Pos82, he has been counseling me on some of the more natural things I can do to help, and they have been helping a load.  I have filled the house with Ginger treats of all kinds.  Pickled ginger, like with Sushi, dark chocolate ginger drops, crystalized ginger, raw ginger, ginger ale, ginger beer, and just about any kind of ginger product on the market now graces my pantry.  It really helps alot, and keeps the nausea to a minimal degree. 

Anyway guys, the doctor ordered a Genotype test, and also scheduled me for a Surgical consult, to remove my last Candiloma, or HPV wart.  Yes, it should actually have it's own name, as it looks more like a deformed tail than an actual growth.  Little by little, I think this will all pass, but I just have to come to some peace about living with the discomfort for another month or so.  He also has told me that there are a few drugs that he would like to try, but for the most part, they are predominantly PIs, and so would not be useful if my virus is mutating into one that needs more nuke intervention.  I wish I was as well versed on the meds as our fine Tim Horn, but alas, my calling is not pharmacy, but more social issues.  I so totally do not understand mutations, but for us to really know how to deal with the virus, I guess it is super important to hit it with exactly the right medications.  I have had a doctor in the past that just threw everything at the virus, regardless of mutation, and that was really bad as the virus just kept on growing and pushing me closer to the precipice.  It has taken six years to reverse those actions, but it really taught me an important lesson about the knowledge and ability of your doctor. 

Just wanted to let you all know that the body is turning around, in spite of the discomfort of the meds.  I guess in the end, that is really something to write home about.

In Love and thanks for such a special group of people.  ;)

Well have the Ginger now all you need is the MaryAnn. Sounds like you are feeling a bit chipper, and that makes me feel a bit more chipper, and soon all of AIDSmeds, and then the world will be feeling chipper...and it's  all because of you!

Hal :-*


So glad that you are feeling better! I think about you often and you are in my prayers.

Big Hugs

Tim, Me and Giligan are thiniking of you!!  Your a fighter!  I am not sure Ginger does anything for me, but, I could swing both ways if I have to!


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Thanks Guyssssssssss!

I really hate these kinds of threads, but I guess it is important because you guys do obviously care, and for that I am truly thankful.

I really never connected the "Ginger" thing, but obviously you guys helped me to see it, (thanks Eric) and you made me laugh out loud, which we all know is the bestest medicine.

Thanks for your care and support.

Now back to moving the dresser.

In Love and appreciation.


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