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blood exposion

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Hi Ann,

Just noticed you're online, i'm still a bit worried about the above incident, would there really have to be a huge amount of blood in the eyes or nose or how does it work? Is it possible to transfer enough blood into my eyes by rubbing them with my hands? Or picking my nose for that matter? Thanks for any answers, i'm having a hard time forgetting this thing...

Those that have said they were infected are occupational hazards in a health care setting and it was with large amounts of blood. The answers to your questions is NO.

Thanks RapidRod, i'm just beeing a bit paranoid about finding the blood on my clothes. I keep thinking I touched the stain or my buddy's hands directly and then rubbed my eyes or picked my nose (both bad habbits I know). Just to clarify, are you saying I have absolutely nothing to worry about?

That is exactly what I am saying.

Ok, thanks for the quick answers, I'll try to stop worrying about this. Cheers!


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