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Thanks RapidRod, I know i'm being a bit paranoid here but the thing is I can't be sure that I didn't get any blood or something on my hands. Would it be possible to get infected through a burnwound? If so, would it require a large amount of blood? I apologize if I'm waisting your time again but I just need to get this straight in my mind. Thanks!

Just like you can't be sure a meteorite won't strike you in the head as you walk into work. You did not have a risk.

I hear what you're saying RapidRod.... there's of course no way to be 100% sure especially with a bit of drink involved. Looking at my little burnmark again it's actually about 2mm in diameter with a 10mm red area around, it'll probably be gone in a few days. Could this burn be considered a deep cut or just an abrasion? I would just like to know what exactly is meant by a deep cut that the virus could possible infect through?


If you're worried about you burn, go see a doctor about it. This is not an hiv concern in any way, shape or form and you will not be permitted to post ad nauseum about it here. This is an hiv forum, not a burns unit.


Ok Ann, point taken once again. Thanks all, I wont be bothering you with this again. Cheers!


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