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Rich NEEDS To Stay Away From Here & GET A LIFE

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water duck:
Dear Rich,

I salute your post, and say to you BRAVO !!

YES the Rich we knew had a good heart, but he is not dead yet. Let him come back, invite him back, let him grow again, take small steps , no need to rush.

Your apology is accepted, OK let's move on.

Coming on to say - 'I am sick. I need help. I am questioning EVERYTHING in my life .....' YOU have already begin your healing process. TIME will help, so give it the necessarily delate.

If you need to leave this earth, do so in PEACE ! So find the peace within yourself, maybe, by then , the NEW YOU will not want to go. HEALING needs to come from WITHIN. I am sending you prayers and positive thoughts. I am sure, the people who know you , will definitely join forces with me.



Richie boy,

I have not been posting lately. But I want to now.
I can only applaud this move.
Of all people you met I am surely the one who has been involved with you the most.
I have seen you deteriorate the last 6 months.
But your first steps into a new life are historically set by publicly explaining what is currently happening to you .

It takes a step down from the pulpit to have a good look at yourself.
Friends tell you the truth, that is what friends do.
You can reject them or be smacked in the face by them. It has happened to me, more then once. But as long as you learn from it, it is allright.

You are welcomed back here, by every single one of us, I am sure. Because you publicly admitted something is very wrong. And so we now get a better view of the why's and how's.

HIV has been eating you alive, I know.
So, the new medication will be the first step into your new life.

Richie is a wonderful person. I never doubted that.
You have my empowerment for now, for the future and for Montreal. 381

Hermie:  :-*
People come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn.
And we are led, to those who help us most to grow,
if we let them, and we help them in return.

Good Morning Rich

And, it is a good morning. You and I have never met in person nor on line.
I now know why I was compelled to check in this morning, to offer you the cleanest slate. There is no comparison to be made by me between who you were and who you are. Let me invite you to grasp this perspective. I think if you try to see you from my perspective, it will be remedial. 

You are in pain of the worst sort, a blend of physical and mental pain. And the mental pain tends to do double-duty, I believe, it fuels more pain beyond our ability to ascertain. You are trudging backward to things you said, who you were in Toronto and Nashville and anywhere else. I urge you to drop the past. And, drop it fast. I'm going to drop any references to your past.

Today, this moment, is it.

Are you mobile? Can you walk? Could you take a brief walk this morning and take special care to breathe slowly and deeply? Breathing is key to slowing the mind and oxygenating the blood.

Is there a special place you enjoy for coffee? Or eggs served by a waitress you think is friendly? Can you go there? Nourishment of the body is key, too. And, if it's served by someone you know, it nourishes the soul at the same time.

Is there a book you have that you can open for solace or insight? I like Emerson, always have. Perhaps Gibran, the Bible, a book of poems? When you come home, find that book, a window, a chair and have a cup of tea nearby. Pay attention to your breathing. More deep, slow intentional breathing.

After this, I encourage you to put the book down, uncross your legs and arms, close your eyes, and in the silence of your space, allow your mind to do what it wishes. Be an observer of what rolls through, breathe deeply. Try to spend twenty minutes doing this. Don't judge your thoughts, visions, meanderings. Let them roll on through.

And, if there's a way to work this into your days, once a day, you may find a new calm headed your way. Oh, I forgot, while you're out and about, can you pick or purchase a flower or two? A color you like, a blossom shape that catches your eyes? Bring it home and put it in any container you like, whether a vase, or a bowl in which the blossom top may float.

Finally, if you've got some incense, light it and add its fragrance and energy to the air about you.

I will hold you in my morning meditations today.


water duck:
OH Em,

So Beautiful !! Beyond words.

Thank you.



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