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walking in Memphis

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I sit here watching a lively episode of Living Single and smoking what is now a celebratory cigar…My sister had her baby, finally and he is the cutest thing ever.  His FULL name is Matthew Riley Lamont Tallman…..but they are calling him Riley. He was a full 10 lbs and she had him via C Section.  I am so very happy for her and her husband Matt, but in the same phone call that gave me this wonderful news they also blasted me with some sad news. In a few months Matt has to go to Iraq =(  He was already in Afghanistan for most of my neice, Sandie’s life and now this…  He seems to be taking it fairly well so I decided not to bring it up too much.  He said that it gives him even more reason to bask in the happiness they are feeling right now as a family.

This afternoon I was at the Sleeping Bear Dunes for a bit and I got another phone call from a close friend of mine. Apparently he is moving to Memphis and wants me to go down with him  to look for apartments and such…so I’m excited for our little road trip! Thus my constant playing of “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohen which is already a good song, but now has some relevance in my own life. 

Just a little update from the peanut gallery!

xoxox Jenn

Hey Jenn,

If you need any help let me know. I'm a Memphis boy and know this city like the back of my hand. I'll show you where all the bodies are buried.

Stay cool,
Hal ;D

let me be the first.... 'AAAWWWWW'.  :-*    very cute, even though he seems to be wearing a Karate Robe.
babies in general really creep me out, maybe because you can see their brain pulsating through the top of  their skull.... Still, you cant help but wonder how we look through their eyes, and how they literally have the whole world ahead of them....oh ya and the free pass to the titty bar is good too.

Oh Jenn, what a sweet little nephew!   Congratulations!

Your new nephew is cute!!!

Let me know when your going to be in Memphis, would love the chance to meet you!



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