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Does anyone here use the VA hospital for their doctor visits and or Rx. Do they cover HIV medication? I was just woundering about this info, if anyone could help with this.



I have a friend who uses VA in San Francisco.  It is roughly about a 1 hour drive.  We serve on the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS and several sub committees together and in the past year, I have never heard a complaint.

I had a friend in Long Beach who used the VA hospital there.  In all the years we were friends and neighbors, he never complained.  His doctor at the VA used to sponsor seminars for anyone living with HIV/AIDS, no matter who their provider was and often served dinner.

I liked St. Mary's Medical Center myself and was a patient at the Care Clinic and client at the Care Center there for about 6 years before I moved North.  Several of my friends liked Harriman Jones Clinic.  The one I avoided like the plague is tha UCLA/LAC place in Torrance.  Forgot their name but the metal detectors at all entrances were so sensitive, they would pick up a gum wrapper in the pocket.  They get a lot of business from South Central L.A. and gang members would try to finish each other off in the ER.  Have the best day

My bf uses the VA system and they cover his treatment, (doctor visits, labs, exams and vaccinations), and meds.  He pays nothing.

Geeez Jeromy,

What does your husband think about you placing Dingo's face next to yours?  (or maybe I shouldn't ask, but "Mother" needs to know)

Yes, the VA has a very comprehensive HIV service network.  ALL medications are covered, and even some that are in trials.  Mostly though, the VA gets first dibs on any meds coming up for approval by the FDA.  The VA system, is tied directly to your income, service description, and whether or not you became positive while in service.  Either way, you can choose the VA for your care, but you will have to pay some deductible.  For medications there is a co-pay, if you make above a certain amount of money.  Mine is now $8 per script, per month.  I pay no co-pay for Doctor visits, but some do, depending on their income and service data.  I am considered a Viet Nam era vet, so therefore, I don't have to prove service connection for HIV.  Anyway, I would recommend that you go to the local Hospital there in LA, and go to the office of benifits.  Get your VA card, and start the process. 

Now the good news.  Anything not covered by the VA is covered under Ryan White funding.  So, what that means is that all my co-pays are paid by RW Title II.  Since you live in an EMA or Title I area, the effects are the same, but you must do the foot work to start the process.  Get ready to wait in lines.......   AGAIN!

Jeremy, it is so good to see your smiling face again here, and I do hope you stick around.  We need you for help in planning AMG '07 in Vancouver.  (See if we say it enough, maybe it will stick.....   ;)  )

In Love and Support.

Thank you sanomabeach, cliff, and moffie65(tim). I appreciate the information. I'm going to look in to it. I already have my VA card, well the old card, so I will go and get my info updated and get a new card.

Thanks again.



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