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How to deal with Angst?

I allow only those things into my life that I can either change or accept.
I ignore things I cannot change or accept.
I pray to God/dess each day that I will continue to know the difference.

Pot will increase angst, and Marinol can be even worse.  However, if you have no anxiety, then it will surely smooth out the day.

In Love and Total Understanding.

Michael, I will follow your suggestion on that. I'll go to an herbalist and see what they can do for me.

Lydgate, my doctor did put me on Buspar to tey and calm me down, it makes me sleepy. But, this is the second/third time I have heard of Xanax, it seems to be the drug. I never heard of Klonopin before, I'll ask about that too. The gym? I need to get back on a regular workout routine that should help also.

Coen, I do agree that MUSIC does releive me just as well as it does for you. I keep it pumping when I get the canhce too.

Sunny, The Red Bull does not give you wings if you down a four pack at a one-time setting. It is a pity that your doctor won't prescribe you to Xanax. What is she afraid of, drug inter-action? I see you (2) two got into a fight last week and you set the record straight with her. But, she is your doctor and you do have the option to tell her to go to hell and you can find another doctor (without interrupting your treatment) that will prescribe them to you. That sucks she said no Marinol, she is really what you say she is. Pot and xanax? Wow that is a major chill pill to take. I haven't tried it yet but for certian the next time I visit my doctor I'm going to ask about the Xanax and the Marinol. I don't know about the adderall that much. I am learning what to take and when to take them (if it is more than one pill).

Ahh Tim , Mr. Moffie65, you and I do agree on leaning towards the natural side of things. But sometimes , you may just need a little extra help with a chill pill as they would say it. I know where you are coming from Tim, smooth the day out Tim, smoothe the day out.

So far......It has been

Buspar - of course I ran out of it yesterday.

Sunny, my right eyebrow is raising up as you make your suggestions. You are too cool sunny,

Adderall is a stimulant, an amphetamine, used most most commonly for the treatment of AD(H)D. (Ritalin is probably the best-known ADD/ADHD drug.) One of it's side effects, in fact, can be an increase in anxiety, especially in people who already have an anxiety disorder, so I would use caution. (If you fully describe your symptoms, I might be better able to help.) Though there are reports of Adderall being used successfully for social anxiety.

Xanax (alprazolam) and Klonopin (clonazepam) are both benzodiazepines (Valium, or diazepam, is the best-nown benzo). They're fast, safe, and effective in treating anxiety. Again, though, caution is advised, since benzos can be habit-forming and some people need higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect, once "tolerance" develops. A lot of doctors can be quite benzo-phobic. Which is just as silly as being extremely pro-benzos. Get the generic version, not the brands, MUCH cheaper.

Have to run, more later.



It is more so the tightness in the chest area with breathing, feels like short breaths or I can hardly breathe but I am breathing. I had my Doc check my lungs out and they are ok. Other feelings are like I don't want to be bothered and I can get iritable. it's like Aggggh.

What do you think? She (Doc) has me on Reisperdal, Lexapro, Tranzadone and Buspar. What a combination.

I found that this link is very interesting and resourceful:


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