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Spike in #'s and other questions


ok here goes:

is it "normal" for a person to be around/or undetecable, and tcells of say 799. then wake mup one day and for 3 days his VL goes to 800,000, tcells to 350. then then the VL come back down to 18K. what would cause this? anyone else have this exp? :o

whats the currently favored theory re: meds. delay until you need or hit early and preserve the immune system?

whats the favored meds thse days? ???


On the rocket-like VL increase then drop, this is unusual and most likely a screwed lab result.  There are other explanations but if it turns out ot be a one-off increase it's mosty-likey a bad lab

On favoured theory re: hit hard n early/wait depends on who's doing the favouring.  Different people will take different points of view.  There is no proven benefit in starting meds early. The theory is plausible, and a number of studies are looking at this in details.

On meds, guidelines "prefer" Sustiva as the first-line non-nuke and Kaletra as the first-line PI.  Guidelines "prefer" these nukes: 3TC or FTC + Viread, Ziagen or Retrovir (AZT). Various combinations of these nukes make up favoured pairs, esp. since several come in handy two-drugs-in one pill (Truvada - FTC/Viread, Epzicom - 3TC/Ziagen, and Combivir - 3TC/AZT).   

Many other meds are listed as "alternative".  This does not mean they are less effective or less good a choice.

Apart from a few oldies that hardly anyone uses these days, the choice of ffirst-time meds will depend ultimately on what fits best with the HIV-positive person, the nature of their infection, whether they're on other medications for other conditions, real life issues like timing and work etc, plus allergies etc.  And also doctor experience and preference.  Me for example, I am on Reyataz as part of my first-line therapy, which is an "alternative" (well not even included) as a first-line PI in the UK, but is widely used this way in London.

- matt

it wasnt the labs fault.. i had a 103 fever and lymph nodes the size of new jersey!


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