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Can Gonorhea clear itself?

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No, according to everything I've read on the subject, it won't go away on its own.  Symptoms might appear to be relieved, though.  Get it checked out.  Many guys who have it in their throats only notice a sore throat, but can pass it on, definitely.  If you've had it for five years, you'd have known that you infected someone along the way, I imagine.  Best wishes.

Thanks sfcf,Im calling tomarrow for my results,but my doc didnt even take a culture from my throat so I still wont know about that. ???

They mailed me my results which read"culture negative ,all normal,no infection.So,the green/yellow discharge if it was Ghonerea did indeed clear itself. However,Im skeptical of these results because I read that when you get cultured from the urethra,you should not urinate before the culture.Well i did as I drink lots of water when I get home from work and that day of the test was no different. Also when I got there I told the first women who saw me I had a sore throat so she cultured my throat.Then the physician assistant who saw me who cultured my urethra did not want to culture my throat as though it would be a waste of time because there was no discharge or puss.So Im not sure if the thraot was checked.  ok,lack of communication on my part.I should have made sure just what was tested.Ill have to talk to my hiv doc when I see him or go to an std clinic. :-\Thanx for listening. :)


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