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Can Gonorhea clear itself?

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Ok,not on meds yet,cd4=492,vl=21k.My doc did most of the std test except for ghonorhea and chlamydia.I had a green discharge from my penis about five years ago and that was only sign I had of a symptom,didnt get it checked out.So I asked my doc to check for gonarhea and chymidia,telling him it could be from 5 years ago.He did a swab of my penis but not my throat saying that there would be puss and I couldnt swallow if I had it in my thraot.I told him that I read on internet that sometimes there are no symptoms.He thinks the gonerhea might have cleared itself,maybe I 'flushed it out" with confused,id hate to still have gonerhea/clamydia still untreated .Im waiting for the swab test but none was done for my thraot.Could I still have gonerhea from 5 years ago?

Hello ,

 I do not believe that gonorrhea can "clear itself" it needs to be treated. Here is a link with some more info :


My doctor told me that gonorrhea in the throat can clear itself.

Thanks gymrat and j.r,two conflicting opinions,just like talking to my doc,lol.i think ill go to an std clinic and get another opinion,I think this deserves another opinion.

Let us know what you find out.


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