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photos of water


and lots of it!

not terribly exciting but!! it was to my city, because we dont have very much else to do but sit and gawk at water. really come visit we're lots of fun.

but, not too long ago it flooded again and I walked downtown and took pictures of it but ive been lazy up until now to share them, but here they are! flooding downtown easton PA!

oh look! water! let's all stand around and stare at it! hooray!

thats pretty much our main road downtown. haha. and look! it's completely submerged in disgusting river water!

the ducks were seriously like "yayyyy!!!!"

the bank of america is looking a little bit damp. xD.

people really get off on floods. this is our third one in the past three years. first one was like the first day of my freshman year of highschool. and we got off of school for like four days. it was awesome. xD.

I'm a rebel. I went behind the line. Ooooo. But, yeah. People just lookin'. I thought it was amusing.

edited to add-

Free bridge picture. the other one you gotta pay a toll to get across. anyway. look how high!

Hey Jaser,

Thanks for sharing those photos. Your town looks really nice and green... I just love all the trees. We don't have many trees or wooded areas here on the Rock and that's one thing I miss from the States.

And I love the damp bank. :D



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