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pep is just combivir?


As some of you know my boyfriend is positive and im negative since we are very nervous about a condom breaking down, a doctor prescribed combivir in oct 2006, and we could only use it if a condom breaks.
That conbivir expires at the end of may, if something goes wrong duiring sexual intercourse, for how long i can use that combivir???
Should i ask the doctor for a new combivir? or are now other dugs to treat PEP?

Combivir is lamivudine + zidovudine (AZT). I know that they also use nelfinavir commonly as well.

Most of the studies about the effectiveness of PEP have studied zidovudine (AZT). The addition of other anti-retrovirals is based on the theory of hitting the virus in lots of different directions is better than hitting it in one direction - just as in HIV+ people.

My boyfriend is negative and we have had one condom break, and one course of PEP, since we got back together two years' ago. I'm not sure it's helpful having a stock of the stuff lying around - it's not really a good reminder and condoms shouldn't be breaking so often that you need them always there - going off and having to be thrown out. If I were you I'd talk to your doctor about the nearest centre stocking PEP packs and then, should the worst happen, you can trot up there and get some. Ideally you should go within 12 hours, but it's worth it up until 72 hours. We got ours through our local A+E department, which worked fine.

Either way, I wouldn't use the drugs past their expiry date.



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