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An HIV positive Inmate in a California state prison spit in my face!!!

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Actually, you can donate the meds to your local ASO - lots of people really do need them, and have no access to them :)

Andy Velez:
I wish it was as easy for inmates with HIV to get proper treatment as it was for you to unnecessarily be prescibed PEP.

That's an antiquated response on the system's part. I sympathize with the scare you had but you were not at risk.

When the hell is the prison system ever going to get up to date about a lot of thinigs including HIV health issues.

Right now it's just a money making cow for some greedy and uneducated people.

Anyway, Jonathan has the right idea about the meds. You don't need them but some HIV/AIDS service organization can get them to someone who can.

By the way, please read the lesson on HIV transmission which gives you all the basics about the subject and may help you to get over this scare.


Hey lawman,
     God don't throw the meds away...please donate them.

I should get top notch care. I mean after all I haven't committed any felonies. Not like that pile of crap rapist who spit in face. So you think that these Inmates In CDC don't get adequate treatment? Your off your rocker. These guys get better treatment than my kids do. I have to wait 3-4 days for my kids to see the Dr. these guys wait maybe, maybe, 1 day. You have no idea. I see it on a daily basis and have so for 10 years now. Some of these guys did just make a simple mistake. I give you that but that is not the norm. The guy who spit in my face, well he raped three women and is now doing life without. I have talked to close to 300 HIV inmates and about 90% have told me they committed crimes so that they would get the treatment they weren't getting from the streets. Also Transexual men commit felonies because CDC has to continue their treatment while they are incarcerated. So to say that they are not getting adequate treatment is a false statement. Maybe other states do things differently, but In CDC they get great health benefits.

I read that article thanks for the info.


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