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An HIV positive Inmate in a California state prison spit in my face!!!

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From what I have read and heard from physicians there is no real chance of me becoming infected. Spit went into eyes, nose, and mouth. What do you have to add? Thanks

Andy Velez:
That's an unfortunate experience. The risk is theoretical rather than actual. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. So many elements would have to come together at the same time that it just doesn't happen in the manner you are concerned about.

But spitting, biting and other like behaviors often get a lot of attention in the media and promote the fears of those who don't really know about HIV transmission.

I don't see any cause for concern.


Now I have to take Combivir for a month. Man that stuff was $1016. Lucky for me Workers Comp picks up the tab. Don't want the side affects though. I may not take it. I took what the hospital gave me initially and the follow up doses. Have already felt achey and nausiated. Do'nt really want to crack the seal on the new bottle........not pleasant. Thanks

<< Now I have to take Combivir for a month>>

Why? There is no risk from spit.

HIV is not spread through saliva.

That is what the norm in CDC Prison system is I suppose.  $1016 for a 30 month supply is outrageous. Too bad I will more than likely just end up throwing bottle away.


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