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Heat & HIV ?

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Is there any correlation to Heat and HIV beating the crap out of you?? :-\

I don't know about you, but I am sweating like a whore in church these days.

Water, water, water...I drink it all day long at work. I work outside, so it is important to keep the water coming!

I hate to drink water, but cutting up a lemon and squeezing it into my water makes me like it alot more.


Hey guys, you can come and play in my "Wally World Donut Pool".  You won't get fit doing laps, but sure will cool off and enjoy the rays.  ;)

In Love, and anticipation of new guests.  :)

All hands above the water MOFFIE.... wait... THATS NOT A HAND!  Careful its been awhile! ::)

Against some of the comments I've read about sun tanning, I live for the sun. You would be aghast to see my tanline at the momnent, I assure you. Having said that, if you're "feeling" like you shouldn't be in the sun/heat, then likely that is the case for you. I've always tried to listen to what my body tells me. Sometimes it's an obvious message, sometimes it's more subtle, but it's always trying to communicate!


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