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hey everyone!
well, i havent been to this website since you got the new layout.  You might remember me as troubledtexan on the old forums.  Well, since I was last on here, i have really been helping inform my friends about everything I have learned on this sight.  This sight has been so infromative and it not only helped me but I have also taught my friends a lot as well.
Im on here cause one of my friends, about 4 months ago went down on this girl he didnt even know.  The girl also gave him an unprotected blow job.  Well, I have told him that neither one of these incidents pose a risk for HIV.
He thinks that he has aquired the virus because about 6 weeks after the incident he has some swollen lymph nodes in his neck and his under arms have been very sore.  They have been swollen now for about 2 months.
I told him that these mean nothing.  What he did isnt a risk, but he wont take my word.
Could you all let him know that there is nothing to worry about and testing isnt necessary.  If he sees your comments maybe he will get the point!
thanks yall

Andy Velez:
I'm glad you found the information on this site to be helpful.

Your friend was not in anyway at risk for transmission durning those activities. I suggest you direct his attention to the lesson on this site about transmission which gives the real deal on what is risky and what isn't. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come and no one can afford to be unknowing about the basics.

This time he has no cause for worry nor any need for testing.


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