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I've been a member for just over a week so I thought it was time I introduced myself and explained why I'm here. I'm Mary I live in the Uk and two weeks ago my cousin told me he is poz he has known since early Jan 08. He had been worried about telling me I reasured him that I still think of him as one of my best mates and that would not change.
He seems to be handeling his diagnosis quite well, I looked on the net found this site and here I am

Welcome, writerbabe.  Hope this site bring some good information and support for you.  Perhaps this place might offer some for your cousin as well?


It's great that your cousin has your support. A big part of dealing with being hiv positive, is the support we get from others !! Why don't you ask him to check out this site...

Take care--------Ray

Hi, welcome to this forum, i hope you can find the answers you are looking for and hope we can also be the support system you need to help your cousin to stay well.


Juan Carlos

Thankyou all for the welcome :-). I have told my cous about this  site so im hoping he will check it out and find it as helpful as I have.


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