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newly diagnosed, and feeling alone.

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Hey there everyone!

Diagnosed 11/21/07.  I just happened to stumble upon this forum, and it seems to be helping ALOT.  From what i gather, this is a very welcoming community, full of some pretty wise people.

While I GREATLY appreciate the wealth of information given by some of the long term survivors on the forum, I still feel a bit alone as i am a mere 25 years old.  It seems that the majority of people that post are a bit older, and in someways, i find it hard to relate.  So basically, i come seeking some reassurance that im not the only youngin out there (granted, 25 is just on the cusp of 'youngin' status).

I have met only ONE positive individual in my area around my age, and...well....he was...WEIRD!  Don't get me wrong, i like weird, ...but not this weird!

So yeah, it would be nice to know you're out there!  As of now, i am lacking a support system other than my treatment team, as i have not had the courage to disclose to anyone.  I am hoping that this forum will provide me with the encouragement, and understanding i feel i need...untill i am comfortable enough to get family and friends involved.

My son is 23, 22 when he told us.  He told us the day he found out.  Of course he did.  We're his parents and we love him no matter what.  Strength in numbers, you know.  Why haven't you told your parents? 

hey motherlion,

I have yet to tell my parents because i feel as if i dont want to burden them with news like this, at least not right now.  My father had a hard enough time accepting his sons sexuality, and now HIV on top of that?!?
My parents are good people, and they will also love me know matter what.  Im just not too sure how to approach the subject.

ohhhhhhh things to look forward to!    :-\

I just wanted to say, hello, and welcome.
Can't say much more cuz I'm older (much older) and you're looking for feedback from youngins.

psst: I hope you make buddies here...but older guys/ladies..have the experience, advice and soon you'll grasp how smart some of those members are on this forum. Whew!

Hi LMBH and welcome to the forums.  There's lots of folks your age and younger on here . . . but not usually on a Friday night :) 

 . . .so you may be stuck with us old sedate types for a few more hours. 

But just wanted to say welcome.


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