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Well first I got HIV and now I'm in NC...which I could call something else.After living in NYC for all of my life...Infected in 97,sober in 01,HIV peer advocate,planning council member(up state NY)plus a lot more..all of this in six years... and now I come to north cackalacky...and low and behold!!!! What ever I learned or what ever help I can give I find out from the larger services here that I am not needed,there is no planning council, no outreach(illegal to hand out condoms),no long term rental assistance...I now have to pay a co-pay for my meds( 3 dollars a bottle is a lot if you are on a fixed income)....well I am just a little pissed off about the state of things here..It seems like people have been intimated into not disclosing,having a safe meeting place etc... I could be wrong...But when the Health Dept. treated me and my girlfriend like S... because we are lesbians and infected...makes me wonder! I just don"t know....

Haggar, welcome to the forum.

I'm moving your thread from the Blog forum to the Living forum because you'll get more responses there. Please have a look at the Welcome thread at the top of the Living forum - it will tell you all about what this site has to offer.

We have a few other members here from NC and hopefully they can give you some insight into the state of services there.

Hope to hear more from you...

Andy Velez:
Haggar, welcome. You've come to the right place.

I'm glad you and your gf have each other for support in what sounds like a challenging situation.

What kinds of service organizations, if any, are there in your area? New Yorkers are very resourceful and though it will no doubt be challenging, I'm wondering if you may yet find some support there.

In any case, you're welcome to ask questions here as well as to discuss anything that's on your mind.

Again, welcome!


hi Haggar, and welcome to the Forums!   Looking forward to hearing more from you...



Hi Haggar,

Welcome to the forums...

I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY (42 years born & bred) and moved to Kansas City, MO this year.  I've been poz since 1989 and am thankful for having found this site last year.  I think you will find the support and love you need here.  There are quite a few members who live in NC and I'm certain that they will steer you in the right direction.  I'm also sure that you will make some wonderful friends on these forums, of which I would like to be one to you.

Like you, I was involved in the Planning Council in NYC and I continue to do so in KC.  I think it's important that we all get involved in such things, because only we know what we need and we do have the power to effect change.

I wish you well in NC and I hope you find what you are seeking.

I also look forward to getting to know you better, and I am always willing to share my life with others... it's the only way we get to know one another by sharing our life stories.

All the best to you and your girlfriend.

Trish :)


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