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cobra is ending


Anyone Please:

My son's cobra will be ending in September, New jersey health insurance continuation plan is now  paying the premiums for cobra.He is still looking for work, and really does not want to go onto disability.  How does one find help paying for medications? We have looked on line and these prescription plans pay only 20 percent or  less for medications, or the HIV drugs are not even on their list of covered medications. Please help. Even if I pay for his meds I will run out of money very quickly.
Please send resources.
thank you.

Miss Philicia:


If ADAP doesn't work, there is another option! It's called Patient Assistance and it is done through the pharmaceutical company.

Depending on the meds he takes, there are pharmaceutical companies who offer meds to the people who cannot afford them. The thing is that you have to apply to the companies directly based on the meds he is taking. A good place to start is here:

Good luck!


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