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For all Worried Wells & thanks


Hi ,

I just want to thank Ann & Co for putting up with my OCD HIV realted queries  , the replies have helped me through some tough times and as a result of this I have sought CBT treatment which is really helping . I have browsed this site on many occassions for relief from my OCD - I see many people in the same boat as I am who have no cause for concern with hiv but create situations in their mind, to all the ww's out there try and find a good CBT therapist - after 2 sessions I feel that i feel that i can get relief from this - CBT teaches you how to react to your thoughts.I've wasted years worryimg about disacrded needles .

If you have to read this site try and read the lessons on transmission and take note of what's there, if your worry isn't there it aint gonna happen.

I apologise to all concerned for my past behaviour and wish you all good luck for the future,you ainit ever gonna see me on here again I'm moving on from being gripped for hiv fearas for 10 yrs.


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