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Estimated infection times

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i know its hard to estimate how long you have been infected, but my cd4 was 110 and the vl was 39000 when i was first tested. how many years might i have been infected for?

Who knows?  I was neg early 2002, and had 145 / AIDS by December 2004....just under three years. 

Have a look here:


I also don't believe it is possible to know for sure. I tested possitive in October of 1985. This, I know for fact. In September of 2003 I had a viral load 500,000 and 16 t-cells. This I also know for fact. Our bodies are going to handle this virus differently.

Take care-----Ray

I tested pos in Dec '93 and back then they didn't do VL tests.  I am sure I sero-converted no earlier than Spring '92 at the earliest.  My CD4 was around 1050 at diagnosis.  About two years later, in late '95 I had dropped to 396 and the doc suggested I start AZT.

And just look at me NOW....  ;D   :-*


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