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About  10 years ago, I began Crixivan...had stomach problems, got skinny everywhere but my stomach--I looked like a pregnant straw!!! Finally I was put on sustiva--four years ago? Oy!! Who knows??? Had all the bad sides--tiredness, nightmares that scared me and my poor long suffering cat, who sleeps with me, anger mgmt issues, etc... Then last May, I was put on combivir, truvada,kaletra...felt crappy the livelong day....then, last Thursday, July 13 was my Bastille Day. I officially seceded from the Aids meds. And I feel fantastic. Some days I'm downright perky!!!! Haven't told my Dr., will see her at end of August. But meanwhile, I plan to get more zip out of life. Also my Dad is fading with Altzheimers and now I can get up early to see him in the morning, the only time he halfway knows whats going on. I only speak for myself. I don't want to tell anyone what to do. We all have to make certain decisions. After years of deliberation and prayer, I feel in my heart I have made the right decision (for me)!!! I am swimming longer, whole body is singing a happy song of freedom...the essence of my very being tell me, "yes, yes, yes"...maybe later, hopefully much later, something without the awful side effects will be available. If I feel much better I'll be a bloody Ayn Rand character!!!

Sorry guys, I do have a question...would anyone else share their experience in quitting meds. My viral undetectable, my t cells sky high, I know one friend who had been off his meds for years and says he's fine...any other long term staying off meds stories...?


I stili think its something that you need to discuss with your doctor. The sooner the better. This site offers some information on STI's .( Structured treatment interruptions) There are times when I feel I could very easily not take my medications, but I am not prepared for the alternative right now. I can certainly respect your decision in stopping meds. I know I will ponder this thought some day myself. I am also sorry to hear about your father. It's a tough thing to watch a family member dealing with Altzheimers.

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I wish you the best/Stay in touch-------Ray

Please discuss this with ur doc.

Hi guys, I have 2 family members in Africa that just recently tested + for HIV. No access to meds. I wanted to help but I don't know how. I called for meds and I was told that I can't get without a doctor's prescriptions. Can anyone help me out please?


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