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Depression is such a trip

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Here I am thinking it has gone away for almost good and then it comes back for no reason. I'm still in therapy and all and everything in my life is calming down. What gives? I'm so frustrated.  It started leveling off in january and I was sooooo down the last three days for no reason.  Such a trip.  Everything in life seems to come in waves.

Hang in there shadow. Yeah things come in waves and they also can go away just as quickly.


Andy Velez:
...and keep talking in therapy. Sometimes even when you don't immediately see shifts and changes, putting thoughts and feelings into words makes a difference. It's like going to the gym verbally. You get better at it through practicing.

And keep talking here as well.

Have a good Saturday.


I know exactly what you mean about it coming up on you fast.  Several months ago I was very depressed and in poor health.  I started a new regimen and my health and mood really improved.  I'm thrilled to say my health is still good all things considered but I've been very depressed lately and will be starting medication for depression.  I hope things calm down for you soon.


Well, hon, at least you know you're in good company.  This sad lot knows all about some depression.  If you ask me, it's often like the chicken and the egg when it comes to HIV. 

Thank goodness for the emergency kindness of one true forums sweetpea with some Wellbutrin while I waited for a doc's appointment.  I was at the point of coming completely unglued as I watched TV and contemplated just how much cotton really was "the fabric of our lives".



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