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AZT dose in AZT 3TC Nevirapine combination therapy


I am on a generic of AZT 3TC and Nevirapine.(one pill) The azt is 250 mg instead of the standard 300 mg. Has anyone knowledge or experience with lowering the azt any further down and to how much? Is there any litterature
about this? Thank you for your feed back.

Do see this for a start Lower dose of AZT provides adequate exposure in patients with low body weight

"In Thailand, the standard AZT dose of 300 mg BD has frequently been linked with gastrointestinal intolerance and anaemia. Based on this observation, Thai National Guidelines recommend prescribing AZT at a dose of 200 mg BD in patients less than 60 kg." etc.

- matt

WOW Thanks Newt , that was quick. :)


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