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Is HIV/AIDS a Gay Disease?

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Sorry, I posted without a referant. My bad:

USA (not global) stats:

--- Quote ---Just under half of all people diagnosed with AIDS were probably infected with HIV through male-to-male sexual contact, while people exposed through heterosexual contact comprise around 17% of the total. However, since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of heterosexual infections has increased dramatically. According to CDC estimates, heterosexual contact led to about one third of new AIDS diagnoses and one third of new HIV diagnoses in 2004.

--- End quote ---


I mean, heterosexual infection is indeed catching up. But the majority of HIV infections come through unprotected penetrative anal sex. I wonder how many of the heterosexual transmissions scrutinize whether the patient had exclusively vaginal sex, or a combination of vaginal or anal (for the males). Females, as we are well aware, are far more easily infected due to the increased vulnerable surface area.

however, demographics aside, one thing I like about this forum is that it really does not matter who you got it from, or how. What matters is that we are in this together.

It's not a gay disease. If someone asks me that question red flags start whipping wildly in the wind then I instinctively and vigorously respond "NO, it is not a gay disease. It affects bodies and it does not care about gay, straight, man, woman, black, white."

The red flags say "Person is underinformed and perhaps not worldly. Not their fault. Maybe they're a teen. Whatever. Not their fault. Choose your words wisely. Proceed with patience. Remember to be nice"

I dont think that s correct. The majority of cases in the world are heterosexual. The risk with labeling it a gay disease, in the us and europe mainly, is that aids will be under estimated and not tested for in the straight population.

then let the straight population rot.

Bailey (who is more than a bit cantankerous)


I'm decaying as we speak... LOL

lis (who can still laugh at herself)


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