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Is HIV/AIDS a Gay Disease?

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Ok, I'm not trying to start any flames or stir up any shit!  I just responded to a PM from a member about HIV/AIDS being (considered) a gay disease.  Here's part of my reply:

Those who say that HIV/AIDS isn't a gay disease might be right, technically.  But if you look at the number of gay guys here, I bet they'll easily outnumber the straight folks 3-4:1.  One of the first things that several friends parents told them when they came out as gay was to be careful and not catch AIDS.  The subject matter of most AIDS movies are gays.  Traditionally, HIV/AIDS has been a gay disease.  We all know that the public is ignorant of HIV/AIDS; do we expect them to understand that the 'new breed' of infectees are mostly straight?  Stigma takes a long time to change... if it ever does.

I don't know who remembers a member named Dino who was yelled at in a mall.  Supposedly, the remarks had to do with being gay and having HIV/AIDS.  When's the last time anybody made some rude comment to a straight person like "I hope you catch AIDS, you heterosexual".

HIV/AIDS may not be a gay disease, but people don't seem as shocked when a gay person is poz.

My reasons for posting this are not to cause trouble, step on any toes, etc.  I just keep hearing all these people saying 'it's not a gay disease'.  The problem is, most of those folks are gay.


From a demographic standpoint, HIV and AIDS in the western world is indeed primarily a gay male disease. IV drug users of all genders and females run a close second. Globally, of course, it is a different story, particularly in developing countries.

I think when people say it isn't a gay disease it is because it isn't a disease that just infects gay people. That's impossible.

But a lot of people are ignorant and think that's true for some warped, idiotic reason.

So, I mean, by saying it's not a gay disease doesn't mean it's not most common in gay people (which, if you take into account everybody affected with it, it really isn't, but I guess in the US and stuff, it seems that it is, or at least people that are aware that they have it. Also, I guess because of the stigma I know most gay men test more often and are more concerned about it than straight people so they'd obviously be more aware of their status). It is just bringing attention to the fact that it is a disease that absolutely everybody can get no matter who they are or what they identify as.

OK... i know.. i said this in another thread... but..

Hi I'm Lis, and I have AIDS..... the virus doesn't give a shit who i sleep with.. what color i am, what god if any i worship.. it just cares about killing my immune system...

be well!!!!


There are many heterosexuals living with HIV but that doesn't stop any of the comments such as the ones you made. I have heard terms like, "That faggot probably got AIDS" indicating that people who are gay are more likely to have HIV.

HIV has been around for over two decades in the media and it has spent a lot of that time as an infection predominantly in the male gay community. Old habits of assigning stereotypes die hard.

It bothers me that the general public assign HIV and being gay in one breath. It's just an easy thing to do because it confirms the fear people have of gay people. It's a civil rights thing for me as it is similar paranoia and stereotyping that has plagued the African-American civil rights movement...and you don't have to be gay, have HIV or white to see it is wrong.



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