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I am new to this board and would like to chat with others like me.
I just finished recovering from ankle surgery which in turn screwed up my medications.
I also had to find a new psychologist they put me on some new medications.

1. ZyPREXA 10MG 2 a day
2. Lithium 300MG 4 a day
3. CLONAZEPAM 1MG 4 a day

My HIV doctor turned his practice into a group of doctors, now I am seeing a nice new lady doctor who spends up to 1 hour and a half each visit. My original doctor would be 10 or 15 minutes each visit.

HIV-1 meds:
1. ATRIPLA 1 a day
2. ACYCLOVIR 400MG 2 a day

For the first several months after my ankle recovery my life was HELL.
Has anyone El's had the same experience?

Hi bipolorii!!

Welcome to the board :) I am Juan Carlos. So glad you took the time to write to us, well.. i have also posted lately in this part of the forum for different reasons, I am glad you are better after your sugery. You asked if anyone else has had some experiences... well i guess many of us have been there. I am not bipolar (well... not sure if i am not or if i simply haven't been diagnosed bipolar yet) but i know what you mean when you say your life was a hell... oh.. for sure i know. The good thing is that slowly things get better :). I am really glad you have joint us. It is cool to meet other people and know we are not alone.


Juan Carlos

Thanks a lot for responding to my post.
I have been looking for a place where I can talk and share information with other posters who have had similar experiences.

Matty the Damned:
We have a number of members with bi-polar affective disorder. I'm sure you'll find people who you can share your experiences with.

Best regards,


Hi Bipolorii, welcome to the forums. I was (wrongly) diagnosed bipolar years ago.  They tried me on Lithium and I had a two-day blackout.  I'm not saying you're not bipolar, please don't take it that way.  I'm curious as to why they put you on Zyprexa and Clonazepam.  Unless you have underlying anxiety issues.  I have severe anxiety issues, which Zyprexa alone controls. 

There are, as the Damned One said, many people on here who have bipolar issues.  I've had many psych issues throughout the years; but mine were mostly brought on by drug abuse. 

Again, welcome to the forums!  Hope to hear more from you.


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