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Wiener Recipes Needed...SERIOUSLY!

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I was buying cheese, and they had an in-store coupon that gave you a free package of wieners if you bought a certain brand of cheese.  So now I have a package of wieners, but no buns...and PLEASE I know where you want to go with that but...

Seriously, I need some wiener help!

Baked beans with franks? You can cut up and saute the hot dogs in the pot, then add baked beans and cook. The saute process helps seal in the flavor so the hot dogs dont get all mealy.

What sorta cheese comes with free weiners anyway? I am trying to wrap my head around that.

PS: Weiners with no buns? Here in Atlanta, we have the reverse. Just sayin.

grilled, sliced up and dropped into macaroni and cheese.

it's actually not gross.

cut the weeners with a diagonal cut... for that extra special "je ne sais quoi"!!  :D  :D

serve with au graten potatos

(apologies - havin' a "bad French day")

Some of my favorite boyz are the first to reply...sweet!

Jonathan, a large grocery chain in Texas not only promotes their own store-brands but they also contract with name brands to offer coupon savings.  In this case, I could have bought an 8 oz. package of the store-brand cheese, but for .04 more I got Kraft brand and a free package of Oscar Meyer wieners (not the 100% beef, though, and I thank especially Alex for not mentioning the health detriments of finger/hair/anus wieners, which is, while another joke waiting to be made, nonetheless disappetizing.)

Advice on wieners is much appreciated!

Edited to say:  what the hell is a "bame" brand?  the product of a mind that moves way faster than the fingers...


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