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Anxiety and panicked .

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Hello I posted my situation on another forum. In Decemeber between 25-26 . I made the biggest mistake of having sex unprotected 4 times and oral , with someone I was foolish enough to trust. I don't know what his status is. He told me he was negative because of his line of business he had to be tested monthly.. Yet he hadn't been working since  the later part of Oct.. . Well.. Afterwards I panicked hearing some of the things I knew about him etc.. Well ... 2/2 I was diagnosed with the flu I kept blowing my nose,sore throat etc.. They took a throat culture and nasal culture and told me it was definitely the flu sent me on my way with tamiflu/codiclear had a fever of 103. All was well a few days after wards other around me were sick my kids and co workers at work . In fact, my job sent an email around stating to leave work if you come down with something etc.. I also passed diarrhea on 2/2 and vomited trying to cough up the phelgm. Anyways the cough lingered as with other co-workers.The RN at m job stated that was common with the flu especially this flu. She also stated what I had was the flu etc..
 I started having paranoia afterwards thinking of the consquences. On 3/14/08 I was tested by Labcorp and called my gynecologist office on 3/18 and two times after that and was told I was negative for the std blood panel herpes,hep,hiv, and syphliss. The pap cultures didn't come back yet they take a lil longer for hpv,tric, and chylmadia. My gynecologist told me she would like me to test again in June-July to cover the full 6 month window. She also asked me if I was actually tested for the flu. I told her yes they tested for a flu strain. She stated it was the flu.

 I was 5 days shy of 12 weeks 11 or 12 days short of 91 days .. I tested at  79days negative . 2 days shy of the start of the beginging of the 12th week on sunday. I am so nervous because I have a yellow stain on my tongue . It started  very small on the left side of my tongue. I panicked when to the dentist she stated it was nothing, new tooth brush was given and a speech on how to properly brush my tongue. Okay.. Now it's all over my tongue I tried hard to brush it away and it started to bleed a little. I don't have lesions of white stuff or spots on my cheeks gums . I don't have a white film on my tongue either just yellow staining. I called my dentist on friday and they were closed waiting til monday to call them. Does this sound like thrush. I also called the CDC customer service the lady told me the average detection time is average 25 days and at 2-8 weeks 97% show up positive. A rare 3 % show postive after 3 months .. So she stated it was good my doc wanted to cover all basis. The problem is I am very nervous wondering if I can consider my results to be almost conclusive ? I am so worried etc waiting til June-July to test. I feel enormous guilt and guitly for being so irresponsible I am a single mom. I am tried of people (family) friends accept 1 or 2 acting annoyed with me and my "paranoia". I am seeing a Counselor next week to help with the anxiety. The situation with the guy was overall traumatic for me for a number of other reaons.

So your opinions are helpful and appreciated . I just wish there was no doubt left remaining and the 3 month waiting is making me not sleep etc...

Ok people are reading my post but, not responding I must really sound pathetic. Sorry then to bother all of you.

Andy Velez:
You've done the smart thing by getting tested. That's the only certain way to know your HIV status. The CDC recommends doing it at 13 weeks. Assuming you test negative at 79 days, I certainly would expect you to continue to test negative if you re-test at 13 weeks. There is no need for you to test beyond that point.

All of the symptoms mean nothing. There is nothing HIV specific about any of them and focusing on them is a mistake that just leaves you wondering without the answer only the test can give you.

You can have sex with anyone you want to as long as you always make sure the guy wears a condom for vaginal and anal intercourse. No exceptions. Period.

Lastly, we don't like the term "clean" used in relation to HIV or STD status. HIV is a virus and not something dirty. STDs are something you catch and again not something dirty. So please don't use that term as it is offensive to people living with HIV.

Discuss your symptoms with your doctor if they persist and you test negative to find out what the real cause of them is.

Good luck with your test result.  

I apologize for using the word clean  It would used more so on sarcasim against him I will most certainly modify my post. Thank you for responding .. I will be calling the dentist on monday about the tongue. My other question was does the yellow tongue song like thrush? That's is all.  Again, my deepest apologies about using the clean word. I didn't know. I will follow my gynecologist instructions only because I know she will be very persistent on getting tested again for the 6month window she spoke of. I understand what you were saying about the CDC guidelines they told me that too. But, also said there was a rare 3% that test positve after 3months.. So I guess my DOC wanted to cover all basis I guess.

Thank you very much.

Andy Velez:
Duly noted about "clean." Thanks.

That 3% testing posiiive after three months refers to those with severely impaired immune systems such as from cancer treatment or other genuinely catastrophic illness or an intravenous drug user. I'm not suggesting you go up against your doctor, but I will say if you test negative at 13 weeks you can breathe a sigh of relief and trust that result.

As for thrush, it can be very persistent to cure. The only way you can know if you have it is to have diagnosed by a doctor. Also, it is not by any means an HIV specific occurrence, so even IF you have it, that still doesn't tell you anything about HIV. The tongue is a very sensitive organ and yellow or shmellow is NOT anything to tell you about HIV. Really.


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