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Can somebody tell me what a sex worker is i guess im dumb.

I just read where hiv is transmitted inside the human body and not outside so i guess im ok because my encounter was not inside.I had the condom on but i never put it inside of her.I did touch the outside of her vigina she was probably wet but i never went inside of her.I possibly did have a dry skin crack on my hand at the time and i did take the condom off with my hand there could have been some of her juices on the condom but if it is transmitted inside the body then i guess i am ok hopefully.

Andy Velez:
OK, you're still worrying with absolutely no basis for it in HIV science. No kidding.

A "sex worker" is someone who charges for having sex with you. A professional.

Have you read the lessons on Transmission and Testing which can be found in a link in the first thread in this section? You will get all the basic information there that you need. By consistently following safer sex guidelines you can enjoy your sexuality, protect your health and be spared all the totally unnecessary worrying you have been putting yourself through.

Now, take a good deep breath, let it go and get on with your life.



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