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Single Mingle - Poz Hetero Social Club in London !!!!

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Hi Boys and Girls

Aldous  here.

The ad below is from the info page of  our 'Smart Group' one of those easy to assemble DIY Online Community things. It's a bit clunky and you need a bit of net literacy to join in but Lynnette, whose brainchild it was can help. I've just added it now and can't give more details without consulting her. I just thought I would measure the level of interest first. I also hope it will inspire other disenfranchised straights to get off their bums and do something similar in their cities.

Those readers in or around London can attend Str8Talk or Positively Women to find out more. You should be able to Google contact details.

Welcome to The Single Mingle

Would you like to meet someone to share your life with? Do you long to create a life you love, where you have more fun and places to go? Would you like to add new friendships to your life? Well, youíre not alone.

About us
The Single Mingle is an informal social group for Londonís single HIV positive heterosexual community. It was created in April 2006 for those who would like to stop waiting for a relationship and start making it happen by putting themselves out into the world and attending interesting events.

All members are welcome to participate in any events and add their own ideas which are more aligned with their values and interests. These can be theatre outings, movies, dinners, wine tasting, museum visits, bars, clubs, picnics, sailing, bowling, jazz clubs, salsa classes and more.

Be bold, take risks. The result will be worth it!

The group is private and no one will know about it unless you tell them.So spread the word!

Have a look at the calendar to see whatís on. To attend an event, visit the calendar and add your name.

See you soon, Aldous

Matty the Damned:
How long will this be tolerated?


See what I mean, didn't take long.

Matty the Damned:
Did you finish school? When you say:

See what I mean, didn't take long.

What you should have said was:

See what I mean? Didn't take long!


Salutations Mr. Orwell,
I am willing to stifle my original thought about you, and persevere.
  My name is Lisa. I am a forty eight year old woman, who managed to raise three children in close proximity to birth(twins, then another within two years.) I spent five years married to a man who brutalized me for five years. My sons were 18months old, and my daughter was 6 months old when I managed to free myself from the horror of a relationship that encompassed emotional, psychological, and physical abuse.
  Down through the years I made bad relationship choices. I have become wary of people in general. I have no proximal friends to spend time with, but have found deep love for the relationships that I have forged via this site.
  It would be a joy to join the group you have outlined above, but I live where I live, and no such fraternity is remotely in the offing.
  I have found complete love, support, and understanding with the people here, who I have NO DOUBT love me for who I am. Regardless of my sex, love, personal preference.
  I love my family here with every fiber of my soul. Perhaps you got off on a destructive path in your original post, but I would not trade a single family member from this place to join your group.
  I am a heterosexual, but have never considered it to be a barrier to my ability to access the people of this site, who have never presented me with anything other than complete, and total acceptance.
  I'm talking about love with no constraints.

I wish you well in your endeavors. :)


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