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ADD + Depression + pain killers = BAD MIX

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I haven't been around much lately, although I do look at the posts daily. 
I don't know if you remember about my Dysplasia and the "procedure" I had done back in December of 2007....well the surgery was successfull but I fell into a spiral downhill fall since and just recently started to feel better.
I decided to stop taking my ADD meds and my Cymbalta for the PN and depression...hey I was feeling pretty good and didn't think I needed it anymore.....
than came surgery and the recovery was very painful to say the I had an unlimited supply of vicodin...and I was popping them like they were tic-tacs....
a month into my "post op" recovery I found myself so fucking depressed and even more frustrated than anything else...i just couldn't function, I just slept and ate ice cream!!!!
It took me a good month to realize who depressed I've become again and I decided that as much as don't want to take any more pills than I have to take, unfortunately my ADD meds and my Cymbalta are 2 of the meds I have to take.....
so after this "episode" I am finally back to being myself again....and I learned my lesson...I HAVE MAJOR ADD and I DO HAVE DEPRESSION....and I have to be on meds for that too.....

anyhow....I'm glad to be back


Glad to have you back, Rich!

Love & Stuff,



I too am glad that you are back from your downward spiral.  And happy that the surgery was successful.

Meds are funny like that, sometimes:  when you feel better, sometimes you think you don't need to take
them any longer.  I'm glad you realized that they are right and necessary for you.



Rich---my hat is off to you for doin' the work to get yourself back to where you need to be.  Not an easy thang to do.


Rich, I've been on the narcotics merry-go-round before.  It's not an easy thing to come back from.  Glad you made it back. :-*


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