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Behcet Disease


Dear Tim,

I am wrating you because after all my health problems thay have did dianose me with Behcet Disease? That explain my last 3 years of problems with my eyes, Skin and my constant mouth and genitals ulcers which I always thought I was on the late stage of HIV do to the severity of the symptoms? and that was keeping from doing any blood test and a tremendous fear of HIV? and keep me conected with Aidmeds for many many years, untill you give me the courage to take the test (Thanks God) It was ading an enormous amount of sufering. No That I now i am not POS and maybe some of you will feel ofended for posting in this web and that this is not the right forum for me to ask for help, but this is the place where I always found strengh and became part of you all!
I did contact the Spain Asociation of Behcet and the American Behcet disease Asociation which did not answer yet unfortunatelly!
They do not know much just that it is a autoinmune disease as many around and that everycase is diferent!
I am actually with a Homeopat that gave me a very dificuly diet for me? No Coffee, chocolate, Pasta, Fish seafood, wine citrics pork etc etc. I lost 8 kilos but I am not feeling better actually worst no energy sometimes to right a mail?
I know you are a extremelly knowelegable person with a unique insight and a strong desire to live and conquer any disease, and I would like to learn more about my disease and take action, and since you know very much about inmune system what is the best and right thing to do?
Doctor down here in Argentina only knows corticoids as a way to help this disease are there any other new trails that could work for me? or any of the Hiv medicines that could control my inmune system?
Anyhow I am trying my best to get better and sorry if is not the right place to ask for wisdom.


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