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First of all, I just want to say thank you to the individuals who run this website.  You are wonderful and thank you for all that you do.
Ok, so I gave a guy unprotected oral sex four different times.  I got tested for HIV 3 1/2 months after the first three times, and 5 days shy of 3 months from the last time. The test was negative, should I be tested again because the last time wasn't quite 3 months??? Also, the reason I'm kind of worried is because some of his semen got on my neck and near my chest, I know I did not have any cuts, but sometimes my chest breaks out with a few zits. I don't really remember if I had any or not. Could that have transmitted HIV? Also, all four times he did not ejaculate in my mouth. Please tell me what you think. Thank you!

Andy Velez:
Take a good deep breath and relax. No kidding.

Giving oral is more of a risk in theory than in reality. In actuality there have been only a very small number of documented cases and even those are iffy. Whereas there is considerable evidence to support that it is not a risk, an even less of one when ejaculation doesn't take place.

I don't know that I would have considered it necessary to even get tested. You certainly have reliably tested negative even with the 4th one which was a few days shy of 13 weeks.

If you're sexually active it's a good idea to have a full panel of STD tests done at least annually and every six months is even better. There are a number of STDs out there which are much easier to acquire than HIV.

As to giving oral, you have to decide what level of risk you are comfortable with. I can tell you there have been longterm studies of sero-dystonic couples. There was lots of oral and protected vaginal & anal sex, the result of which was none of the sero-negative partners became infected.


Thank you, I really appreciate your reply! I got so worked up about this because those incidents were as sexually active as I ever been and I was just mad at myself for putting myself at any risk whatsoever. It is so important for people to know their risks and to protect themselves and I will definitely protect myself from here on out! Thank so much again.


Can I ask why you are using different usernames while posting to our forums? Thus far, you have also used marie001

Please realize that this kind of activity is disrespectful of other forum members, as well as our moderators. People spend a considerable amount of time helping others in these forums. Using multiple accounts is at the very least annoying, if not deceiving and disrespectful of others. It is also against our Terms of Membership which you agreed to when you became a member. This information is also contained within the Welcome Thread, which you should have read by now. So really, you have no excuse.

You must realize that the answers won't change, no matter how many names you post under.

I would appreciate a reply to this message, and I hope you will commit to using just one account - preferably your original one. If not, you will be banned from further access to the forums.


I just saw this message tonight after I posted another message from a different account about an accident scene and I am very very sorry. I didn't read the member rules close enough. I guess I just felt silly for being so worried about these low risk issues and didn't want to seem silly. I really am sorry and I will stop. But just know that i do appreciate all you do and I didn't mean to be annoying or deceitful. I really do feel bad and I am sorry. You're right there is no excuse.


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